Why videos go viral

Kevin Allocca is YouTube’s trends manager and he is a future friend of moolta. He justdoesn’t know it yet. In this talk from TedYouth, he shares some of the reasons that makes a video go viral. So pour another glass of beer and spend a few minutes to understand how to go viral like a boss.

29 thoughts on “Why videos go viral

  1. Great video. I, too, like thinking of people in the world as future friends—whether they know it or not seems incidental 🙂

  2. Formula Brief: Tastemakers, community of creative participation, and unexpectedness. THANK YOU for the point at this excellent expose! I will totally graft this lens to my endeavors! Overout!

  3. Man, one day I stood outside and waited to capture some viral video worthy $hit…nothing….. Thanks for the video, I see where I went wrong!

  4. Yo Moolta dudes, you’ve a great site, it must be so much fun watching all the dares unfold. Big fan of TED and inspired by the viral video post. Cheers.

  5. Thanks for the introduction to TED. Not a techy, so I’d not heard of him before. I might have to try my hand at YouTube one of these days. Thanks for the inspiration to do so. Had not been compelled before…but maybe…just maybe. 🙂

  6. Tastemakers are famous people. The idea that people or things become famous because famous people recommend them is hardly a revolution in entertainment. And unexpectedness has long been recognized as a primary tool of comedy.

    However, the idea of community participation in popular media IS revolutionary and the communal participation to riff on a theme is exciting. Not only for silly things but for real global participation in things like: collecting and sharing data, redesigning cities and our global economy, supporting charities with “challenges,” crowd sourcing for social projects and rallying for things that matter on a global, digital platform.

    A little “Friday” silliness is healthy, laughter is good medicine, but what is truly exciting is the power this media has to transform our world, if people put their minds to it?

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