Dares and inspiration

Dares and inspiration

Sadly, but fortunately for you, we enjoy watching Steve-O have his butt pierced on the television screen. It’s an unexplained phenomenon; watching someone do something absolutely insane. You sit there with your friends, crowding around the screen, waiting for something to happen. Steve-O awaits the needle, and the audience gets a vision of the brilliant tatoo on his ass cheek that reads “Your Name Here”. So it happens. Your friends eyes get wider and wider, the “ohhh!!!”s and the “oooooooo“‘s make their way out as you continue to watch. Suddenly there’s a gloriously large medal piercing connecting Steve-O’s two ass cheeks and you wonder how in the world he’s going to take a shit. Laughter and shock value – Is there any better entertainment?

The people who will do just about anything to peek our curiosity are the type of people we love. The braves! The heroes! those who understand the sheer benefit of completing unreal dares – It’s like a fresh idea, a new color to our eyes, a new way of thinking. Videos, proof, loads of viral craziness. It’s what we aim for. A world of moolta is a world of fun and new reasons to have a great time.

(1) Remi Gaillard – He confuses the crap out of people and we think this is hilarious. He doesn’t give a shit about what people think, and he’s notorious for his energizer bunny energy. Seriously who does the shit he does on a daily basis? No one.

(2) Johnny Knoxville – Dare is his brand, his life. He made the dare a reality and we couldn’t be more thankful because now, it’s our job. In a different way, of course… Nobody needs chronic injuries where we come from, okay.

(3) Brian Zembic – This guy got himself breast implants (36C, our oltime fav) because he was dared. like a boss.

So stop thinking for a second. You’re probably sitting in a chair, on a couch, on your bed, where ever your computer is. Way too many of us spend our entire damn day on our computers because it’s the new thing these days. We forgive you. It’s not like we wrote this standing up and bouncing around like kangaroos. Anyway, try to think about when the last time someone asked you “what’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done”. We’ll help inspire you so you can actually answer this question right.

The mooltas.

3 thoughts on “Dares and inspiration

  1. Walk away from my secure tech job, graduate school, and golf habit, to go live in a van for awhile, and then sell the van and live on a bicycle/in a tent… But that doesn’t seem very crazy compared to the swing in the red rocks… Aggie

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