Obama dares you!

Obama dares you!

Obama knows how dares work. He originally ran for president because Al Gore dared him to.

We’ve come a long way since the “I Want You” posters. It’s more like “I Dare You” these days. Actually, President Barack Obama took it to a whole new level when he DOUBLE-DARED his Facebook fans to… wait for it… check out his site. I know, lame. I would have much rather been dared to do something a bit crazier. But I still find it cool that the president himself (and by president I mean his social marketing interns, probably the same college students that make 10 coffee runs per day for him) actually dared his fans.

Well guess what… Moolta is DOUBLE-DOGGY-DARING you to check out our favorite Obama parody. Baracka Flacka Flame always gives us a good laugh.

15 thoughts on “Obama dares you!

  1. The thing about young people that I don’t understand is why they are not intensely involved in politics. The world they will live in is a freaking train wreck. The global economy is upside down, climate change threatens the very existence of humanity and war mongers rule foreign policy. The whole damned thing is a WFT moment in time and, yet, young people seem remarkably disengaged. Had it been like that in the 60s, we would still be in Viet Nam and the voting rights act, which is under attack once again, would never have happened. Here’s some advice: get pissed, get engages or get fucked.

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