Labor Day Don’ts

A list of stupid shit you should probably try to avoid on Labor Day

You’ve worked your ass off for 364 days and it is finally here once again… Labor Day! A day to celebrate you, the worker, the backbone of your country. A day to tell your boss to go fuck himself when he asks you to file a report or scan documents. It’s a day to sleep-in, relax, crack open a brewsky, fire up the grill, toss the ol’ pigskin, celebrate with family and blast some country and rock music. You all know what to do on Labor Day, there’s no need for me to go any further; but here’s an epic list of things you should avoid on this awesome holiday:

  1. Find a bathroom when the barbecue and beer hits you, otherwise you’ll be this idiot…

  2. Avoid pools after intoxication…

  3. Don’t let mom run grandma over with the dirt bike (and don’t let dad pretend like he’s humping mom after – at 1:10 in the video)

  4. Try not to catch on fire when cooking…

  5. Don’t wind up like this guy (click link)…

    Dude Takes Shots and Pukes Everywhere!

Avoid these five things and you’re destined to have an amazing day! Happy Labor Day from moolta everybody! Have fun and be safe! And if you have anything epic to share with us or want to dare somebody for the holiday, check out!

17 thoughts on “Labor Day Don’ts

  1. Love the first clip! How sad for that guy…. and for his friends! Pool time’s over! Having worked as a lifeguard for many years at a community pool, I have to say, that’s the worst I’ve seen by far. Oi! Hope everyone has much fun (without the negative endings– or video evidence!) this holiday! =)

  2. One time, completely inebriated, I thought it was a great idea to challenge my buddy to a race. This race consisted of shotgunning a beer in a hot tub, running to the pool across the deck, diving in, and sprinting a 50 free (2 lengths). Unknown to me at the time, that is a terrible idea. Shotgun: check, dive: check, first 25: check…. then came the flipturn… Everything is going peachy until I flipped over and proceeded to puke all over myself tucked in a little ball crouched against the wall – but this never stopped me. Finished the 50 like a champ, slightly confused why the kids and parents were scurrying out of the pool… then it hit me. Whoops! At least the half drunken grandparents in the hot tub found it entertaining.

  3. Number 3 priceless in so many ways: “I can walk! I’m healed!” and of course the fact that the man helping and humping never dropped or put down his beer is just great. Well done (except, of course, the pool accident) that one made me sick to my stomach and I did not make it to the bathroom! Luckily, no cameras, I hope. HF

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