The Epic (and hot) Fans of Football

The very best of American Football fans

From hot, sweaty, drunk fat men to beautiful, sexy and steamy women, has this weeks updates on crazy football fans from the opening weeks of the NFL and college football seasons.

You already know that is full of epic videos, challenges and dares… well here is our tribute to the epic football fans in the States.  It’s the most magical time of the year with the NFL and college football seasons in full swing! While fans around the world were glued to their couches and television screens only moving for the essentials (chicken wings and beer), other fans were out at games taking team spirit to a whole new level.  Here’s moolta’s most epic fans:

President Obama kicks off our list of epic fans giving the famous University of Florida ‘Gator Chomp.’ Winning over Gator Nation is a good start at re-election.  I’m sure there’s a few Gator grads on his incredible marketing team.

Obama's Gator Chomp

Great form Mr. President! Obama let the Gator growl while stopping into a Florida sports bar to watch the big game against Texas A&M while he was touring on his presidential campaign.

Or, maybe he was just really excited to see this Gator fan… I’m not sure if I should laugh or run away crying…

Crazy Gator Fan

I feel sorry for whoever had to sit next to this guy. Just looking at the picture makes me uncomfortable.

Next up on our list, the always entertaining Raiders nation. I’ll say it right now, no other fan base in the country goes as hard as the Raiders do.

Raiders Fan

Who do you think helped dress him? His mom or his wife?

This guy looks like a Viking clown… with huge arms and terrible tattoos. Just putting it out there.

Vikings Clown

I’m not sure what does it for me more… the blonde hair or face paint?

Another one of my personal favorites, the Green Bay Bikini Girls show up to every game in bikinis no matter how cold it gets in the winter.

Green Bay Bikini Girls

Dear Green Bay Packers, as a valued season ticket holder, I would like to kindly request a seat change to behind these babes. Thanks, The Moolta Team.

Andrew Luck didn’t live up to expectations this week… I’m guessing it’s because this guy was distracting him.

Colts Fan

By wearing his body weight in Colts gear, his weekly Sunday football also doubles as a weight lifting workout.

Denver… there’s some weird people in Denver. Want some proof? I’d advise against it, but you’re going to get it anyways.

Broncos Fan

Please, in the name of Peyton Manning, do not let that barrel slip. I hope those suspenders are extra sturdy. How does he sit in his chair?

There’s your epic fans for the week! As disturbing or sexy as they were they deserve their spot in moolta history. For more insane and crazy content, check out! Until next time, friends, be daring, courageous and crazy!

113 thoughts on “The Epic (and hot) Fans of Football

  1. Was introduced to the game as an English man through the Washington Redskins and never looked back, love the game ! Great post, it was entertaining, factual and funny…great read !

  2. Yeah I’ve met the Colts fan many times – his wife is not so impressed by his devotion. I too am married to a Colts fan and lived in Indy when I first moved to States. I have to tell ya tho … if you want a real dare, head on over the pond and see how we Brits do it at the game also called football but where you spend all of the game using your feet instead of a few minutes throughout an entire game. I’ve travelled the whole world watching all kinds of sports but there are no fans anywhere in the world who suffer more for their team or who behave with as much crazy/violence/humorous/passion as football fans (not using the ‘S’s word even fir clarity), and of those I am proud and ashamed in equal parts to say nobody does it better/worse that the Brits. Now if we could only get that to translate to on the pitch talent …..

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