Giving YOLO a Whole New Meaning

Three things you probably want to try

Getting a little tired of the mundane? Well apparently, these guys can’t really stand it either. In fact, they rarely even experience it. They’re too busy spending their time creating insane videos like these. It’s a good thing that they recorded it, because watching these might make you realize how much you’re missing out on:

  1. A little bit more intense than your childhood swing set.
  2. Because the jump alone obviously wasn’t enough momentum.
  3. Sky diving? Pfft, how about we add wings and make it a race.

Seems like some good challenges, huh? If you’re feeling intrigued, I think you know where to go.

35 thoughts on “Giving YOLO a Whole New Meaning

  1. #1 probably, #2 not so much (was that a “protective” helmet?) and #3 definitely not – well maybe the funny running to the finish line in a wing suit part! Great soundtracks and a riot to watch

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