How to take awesome videos with your phone’s camera

So you want to create something unique?
Think it’s your turn to become a YouTube sensation?

99.9% of videos fail to get massive views and shares because of several basic mistakes that can be easily avoided. How? We thought you’d never ask –


There are two main challenges that the mobile phone filmmaker has to face – picture stability and audio quality. Overcome those technical issues and you’ll be on the right track to millions of viewers!

  • Keep your arms and camera steady without shaking! You’ll be amazed how steady the human body can be when used properly. Tuck your elbows into your sides and think of your torso as one solid unit. When you change angle with your camera-phone, don’t just move the phone – move your entire torso. You will only look stupid for a couple of minutes, but your steady video will last forever.
  • Come close to what you’re filming. The closer you are, the better the sound recording is.
  • Hold the camera ‘landscape’ style (sideways). This ensures that the video will look like a  normal movie. We cannot emphasize this enough, avoid the Vertical Video Syndrome!


  • Cover the camera lens with your fingers.
  • Cover the microphone with your hand.
  • Switch the way you carry the camera while filming.
  • Yell into the camera. It is a lot closer to your mouth than you realize and can be very loud in the video.
  • And most importantly– do not, we repeat, do not film yourself using the front facing camera! Nobody likes that.

Congratulations, you can now use your Oscar winning techniques to film an epic challenge!

Too lazy to read? watch!

24 thoughts on “How to take awesome videos with your phone’s camera

  1. Loved this article..especially since I am a big fan of Youtube vlogs. Everything you said is so true and can be seen in videos of people that do it everyday.

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  3. Thanks for dropping by my very new blog! I am grateful 🙂
    And I enjoyed this post a lot! I plan to make some videos soon and it was good to read the dos and dont’s. Definitely good advice to keep it horizontal, I’ve done the vertical thing in the past, completely forgetting that no TV is ever vertical, is it?!! Doh!

  4. I have a question, how do I get to your Home page? I can get to the Challenge and About, but I have to go back to the wordpress e-mail saying check out these blogs and this very helpful, but older blog came up. I just know it’s me, but anyhow!

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