5 celebrity charity challenges worth repeating

The challenge to put all your eggs in one basket, and by basket we mean mouth.

The egg challenge started when a fan wrote to Smash Mouth’s Lead Singer, Steve Harwell, asking him to eat 24 eggs while he (the fan) is filming him. The generous guy even offered to buy all of the eggs and pay Steve $20 as well! He even went the extra mile and agreed to buy the more expensive brown ones.

Pretty soon all sorts of clips and posts from different fans started showing up on the web pleading the lead singer to agree to the challenge. (Here is one for you to get the point (http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=2mTkoohEnxc#!)

After a while this tweet was published and long story short, we don’t think Steve Harwell is going to eat another omelet for as long as he lives.


Strike a pose – the super bowl captain version

British actress, Stacy Keibler teamed up with Captain Morgan to raise money for charity while giving the Super Bowl audience a good time.

They called for the players of the Pittsburgh Steelers and Arizona Cardinals to do the ‘Captain’s pose’ at some point during the game. Each time they do, Captain Morgan would donate $10,000 to charity ($5,000 to the player’s favorite charity and $5,000 to Keibler’s charity of choice).

“I’m thrilled for the opportunity to help my charity, the John Waldhauser Foundation,” said Keibler, a former Baltimore Ravens cheerleader, while posing in hot and sexy positions wearing practically nothing.


It’s OK you can look, it’s for charity!


Amanda Holden (the one with the very nice shoes), Kelly Brook and Tess Daly all posed in their high heels along with 21 other celebrities who are taking part in the oh so sexy photo shoot to launch the Heels that Heal campaign.
In addition, Kylie Minogue, Cheryl Cole and the Prime Minister’s wife Sarah Brown will be delving into their shoe closet for an EBay auction of the stars’ stilettos.

For an inside scoop on the photo-shoot, click here:


Why we love Ellen DeGeneres….

The never ending surprise that is Ellen DeGeneres seems to truly implicate what we at Moolta keep telling you – giving money to charity is nice, but making an epic challenge out of fundraising is much better!

In this video Ellen is challenging Jennifer Love Hewittt to do some simple and basic tasks like rolling a whole toilet paper in 15 seconds or breaking 2 bottles over her head, all for the sake of charity… And some quality entertainment.
Watch here to see the entire challenge


Ellen also challenged British actor Andrew Garfield, the star of The Amazing Spider-Man, to dance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and in return for each dance completed successfully, the 29-year-old would receive $1,000 towards his charity, Worldwide Orphans Foundation.

Garfield not only did his best Gangnam Style, but he also performed the Irish jig, a belly dance and “Single Ladies.” With the hilarious bit, the star raised $10,000 dollars for his charity.


We at moolta salute all celebrities willing to take on a good entertaining challenge for a great cause. You enjoyed reading about it, now lets see you do the same!

We will offer a $100 donation to your favorite charity if you’re the first person to do all 5 challenges mentioned above and then upload video proof of it to moolta.com.

To make it easier, here are all the challenges:

1. Eat 24 eggs in 15 minutes.

2. Dress like Captain Morgan and strike a pose in a very public place.

3. Dance like a belly dancer or do the Gangnam style – your choice.

4. Take a sexy shoe-themed picture of yourself with high heals. Be creative with this one!

5. Unroll a whole roll of toilet paper in 15 seconds.

Ready, set, go!

11 thoughts on “5 celebrity charity challenges worth repeating

  1. It’s easy t laugh at these antics, but I take them seriously as good ways to raise money for good causes. Of course, good taste must always be a main consideration. Moolta, I’m waiting for a comment from you on my blog.

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