Challenge of The Week

There’s nothing like an outdoor shower… in a Speedo

Every now and then, we at moolta like to take some time to recognize an awesome challenge. We like to pay tribute to those who take the extra step and really put the ‘awe’ in awesome. So this week we’d like to thank Julian.

Julian is a University of Florida student who really excelled at his challenge.  Julian was challenged to shower in a public fountain for only $50, and despite other people on campus watching him, a loose Speedo that kept falling down, freezing cold water, and an observer who for some reason yelled “Polar Bear” at him… Julian managed to get the job done. It is these types of people, those who defy the odds and stand up in the face of embarrassment, who make moolta what it is today. We are all looking forward to the several others that follow in your wet and soapy footprints.

            Here’s to you Julian, your courageousness, guts and hilarity have left your mark on the moolta family forever and we appreciate everything you’ve done. We hope you continue to stand out as a prime example of awesome challenges and we look forward to more that you have coming in the future. Enjoy this epic video, everybody!

20 thoughts on “Challenge of The Week

  1. ‘Wooooo, Polaaar Beeear!’ well random. Fairplay the guy has guts and now probably Pneumonia.

  2. Haha. Love this. I have a photo of my hubby (in a speedo) holding my daughter under a shower at the beach rinsing the sand from her underpants. Now I have the incredible urge to share it. Lol

  3. What fun! I love the ingenuity, the boldness, and the playfulness. I know where to go now when I want to smile!

  4. Just for your geewiz file, Polar Bear is an event where you sit in the sauna for hours then go jump in a hole cut in the ice for a few minutes. Thanks for the vist.

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