Ideas for Creative Challenges

The challenge to get on stage at a concert dressed in a chicken costume.

The challenge to get on stage at a concert dressed in a chicken costume.

            Everybody has a little bit of challenge in them. If you don’t think that you do, then you just don’t know it yet. It’s human nature to push yourself to do challenging things. If you haven’t found anything that stirs your interest, then we are here to help you come up with some awesome challenge ideas!

            Every day, we read tons of feedback from our fans and a common theme seems to be that they can’t think of interesting things to do. This happens for several reasons, one being the location of the moolta user.

Jane from Iowa writes to us:

“I see all of these awesome challenges on moolta, like the dress like a chicken and get on stage at a concert challenge, and I want to do things like this but I’m from a small farm town and we don’t have those kinds of things here! HELP ME COME UP WITH CHALLENGES TO DO!!!”

Well Jane, we appreciate your spirit and willingness to do challenges and here is the main piece of advice we have to offer for you in your current situation:

  • Take advantage of your surroundings! You’re from a farm town; so do farm related challenges. If you have horses, try jousting your friends with water balloons instead of swords. If you have cows, try drinking straight from their utters. If you have pigs, try eating their food with them (with no hands of course). You see Jane, there are challenges everywhere, you just have to adapt to your surroundings. We are looking forward to your next challenge.

Other users have trouble finding the right range of difficulty for their challenges.

            Matt from Florida writes to us:

“As much as I love watching some of the crazier challenges you guys have on moolta, no matter how much money I could make I wouldn’t be insane enough to do them. You guys should give users easier challenges.”

Thanks for the advice Matt! At moolta we don’t believe that you have to be crazy to complete cool challenges… there are challenges of all kinds for any type of person.  Try doing the following:

  • Check out the idea generator on our create a challenge page (the link is at the top right of our moolta dashboard. The generator is filled with challenges of all difficulty levels. If you still can’t find anything that you like then be creative. If you like music, try playing your favorite song on the piano… using your feet! If you like sports, try to make a bunch of trick basketball shots. Challenges don’t have to be difficult or dangerous, they just have to appeal to a certain audience. Do what you like to do and make it interesting.

The main point is that there is no reason to struggle with challenge ideas. Challenges can be ANYTHING! Easy or hard, dangerous or delightful… As long as you appreciate it, others will too. So go get out there and make challenges! Don’t let anything stop you.

11 thoughts on “Ideas for Creative Challenges

  1. Good explanation…focusing the idea of a challenge on the things which some see as so common they can’t be universal, or so unusual they would be misunderstood. Getting a post up with this spotty internet flashing on and off at the end of the world is a challenge, but I don’t think that applies.

  2. I’m going to do a food challenge at Mcdonald’s and I’ll share with you if you’d like when I’m done. Where would I send it to for you to post if you so choose?

    Thanks for the inspiration and the motivation. I don’t even need any money, I’ll just do it, unless you think I could earn cash for something?

    Just to eat a lotta food?

  3. Honey, eating with pigs will make you deathly ill, and drinkin’ from an udder ain’t no challenge for farm kids.
    A challenge to Iowa’s farm kids would be to get their po-dunk town to embrace homosexuality, or fight racism.
    A challenge ’round here is to raise money for schools that are hemorrhaging funding under our crooked, Governor’s cuts.
    Even better, a challenge would be to kick ethanol out of our beautiful farmland, and get back to subsistence farming, and growing REAL food for the country, instead of that Monsanto shit.

  4. Dang! I LOVE this blog! My 14 year old daughter and her friends raise money for charity ALL the time. Last night they stayed up till around 2 am to bake TONS for a bake sale. I think they’re stuck in a rut of always doing the same thing. I’m going to be checking out what other ways to raise money that would also be FUN on your site. Thanks for sharing all of this!

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