Ultra Music Festival’s “WTF!?!?” Moments According to Moolta

These are some of our favorite “WTF!?” moments from Ultra Music Festival in Miami that weren’t challenges but DEFINITELY should have been

The “Crowd-surfing Bubble Boy” Challenge

DJ Diplo ignited the audience when he entered a plastic ball and rolled around on top of the audience


The “Hypnotize a Bunny” Challenge

There may actually be no way to describe this… anybody want to suggest a good caption?


The “Double Piggyback” Challenge

From top to bottom, each person looks progressively less happy. I wonder why? And do we even need to point out what the girl on top is wearing?


Get Married at Ultra

Yea… this actually happened. You know what they say: “A couple that raves together, stays together.” Best of luck!


The “Make Love to a Whale” Challenge

What do ya’ know… they actually found a whale to make love to. Shamu went home happy that night.


The “Crowd-surf While Making it Rain” Challenge

DJ Aoki was responsible for this crowd pleaser. The crowd passed him around while he doused his fans with champagne.


The “Rave With Farm Animals” Challenge

Ain’t no party like a horse head party!


The “Hippie-See, Hippie-Do” Challenge

Both the Hippie Penguin and the Hippie Man have strikingly similar poses and features.


The “Confuse the crap out of the photographer” Challenge

I don’t know… I just don’t know -___-



To all of you who made Ultra Music Festival as entertaining to us as it was… Thank you. And we look forward to more of the same next year. Hopefully next time around all of these crazy things will be charitable challenges though!

24 thoughts on “Ultra Music Festival’s “WTF!?!?” Moments According to Moolta

  1. People do the strangest things, which often makes me laugh. This post is a prime example.

    My bunny photo caption from above?

    “Remember! Next time don’t come out of my hat until I tap my hat THREE times. And seriously! Is it asking too much of you to put a shirt on?”

  2. Some great photos of some great people and times! Just makes me want to make the trip to Ultra even more. Thanks for sharing

  3. A great way to see the wackiness that occurs at Ultra! Have you been to Ultra previous times? The horse head was off the wall for me. Saw it on the Ultra video feed a few times! Thanks for sharing the humor

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