The art of a FAIL

Just one type of fail, the Romantic Fail can be funny, embarrassing and relationship ending all in one.

Every day, new challenges are added on moolta by daredevils looking to raise money for their favorite causes. While we hope for the best for every single one, every now and then a challenge fails to be completed. Obviously we want every challenge to succeed, but on occasion, a hilarious fail is born providing laughs to all of those who see it. So, today we would like to offer you the very best in FAILS. The art of a fail is truly hysterical and we hope it puts a smile on your face.

Child Fails

We don’t know what it is, but something about a kid failing is absolutely hilarious. It might sound cruel, maybe a little mean as well, but if you don’t know what we’re talking about you’re in for a treat. You feel bad for the little, innocent children, but at the same time you’ll be smirking from ear to ear. Check out a few of our favorites.

She definitely slipped, but I don’t know how much sliding there’s going to be.

Only a kid could turn a slip-n-slide into a slip-n-crash. She’s going to be scarred for life.

Forget those class bullies, it’s the fences you really have to watch out for, turn your back on one of them and they may just give you a wedgie.

There a couple things we’d like to point out about this picture.

1) The kid is clearly in pain and screaming judging by how red his face is, yet the adult here leaves the child hanging on the fence just to snap a picture… we thank you for that, it’s photographers like that who capture the best moolta challenges.

2) He will NEVER attempt to hop a fence again… at least not while wearing shorts.

The real question is, is the baby feeding the raccoon or is the parent feeding the raccoon?

I’m beginning to think this actually isn’t a child fail, it’s more of a parenting fail. Nothing good can come of this… and yet we still laugh. I’d like to predict a trip to the emergency room with a round of rabies shots. Anyone agree?


Animal Fails

Poor little balls of fur. They’ll be by your side through thick and thin, they’ll wait for you to get home by your front door, they love you in each and every way… but for some reason, we still laugh at their misfortune.


That’s what you get for adopting the only cross-eyed dog in the shelter… a life of terrible fetch with your dog.

Normally when you play fetch with your dog, they catch the tennis ball and return it to you. This dog is WAY off, a classic fail. Poor guy, I hope he wasn’t trained this way.

“You can’t hear me? Here, let me scream it in your ear.”

That’s not how you’re going to win the dog show, Spike. You’re doing it wrong. The objective is to catch the frisbee, not your owner’s face. You lose, you fail.

Karma… you can’t escape it.

Now that I think about it, this definitely isn’t an animal fail… it’s a win. Sucks for the guy on the FAIL side of this though. I have a feeling he’s not going to be doing this again any time soon.


Athletic Fails

While we all love to see our team win, sometimes it could be pretty funny watching them lose. These athletic fails had us cracking up. Maybe the next time you watch your favorite team you’ll be rooting for some more of the same…

Safe at second! Or is he… this is actually pretty dangerous.

Not sure if he forgot to eat breakfast before the game and he’s hungry, or if he’s trying a new form of breakdancing. Whichever one it is, it’s funny… and definitely a quality fail.


Anybody want to help me predict the future? I’m not to sure what’s about to happen.

This is one of those rare times when we capture an event that hasn’t quite failed yet, but really there is no escaping it. He started out trying to showoff to his friends, soon he’ll be showing the doctor the bruise between his legs. Is it possible that he could double fail and take the handle bar to his crotch and the tire to the back of his head?


Failing with elegance. I’d give it a perfect 10.

This one is surely recreational sport. All he wanted to do was take a nice bike ride… in the rain… while holding an umbrella… in the middle of the street. Come to think about it, this guy deserved every second of dental work he’s about to receive for eating asphalt. Some people ask to fail, this guy was definitely one of them.


As you see, there are several forms of failing, these are just a few. Failing is a beauty, an art, and a huge laugh all at the same time. To see a wide variety of other fails and successes, check out If you would like to be a future fail or success story then maybe you should create a challenge as well! 

53 thoughts on “The art of a FAIL

  1. OMG. Sooo wrong and sooo funny lol. My 2 year old was chased by a flock of the neighbors guineas (nasty little bastards but tasted good when we ate them a couple of days later) when we surprised them unexpectedly on our deck. My daughter was running around yelling, the birds following …. me? I’m doubled over laughing my ass off (it was visually funny and nobody ever got ate by a guinea … unlike the guineas!), yelling at my daughter between gasps to stop running. I was devasted by the whole thing frankly. Because nobody was there to see it. And everybody knows for something to be truly hilarious you have to be able to turn to someone and say “OMG did you see that?”

    Oh and the kid on the face? Yup .. daughter did that last week with her coat on a slide. I should just tattoo the poor girl with “Victim of Epic Fail” now and get me a matching one that says “Epic Mama Fail”

  2. I witnessed the ultimate ‘family-fun-day-out’ FAIL the other day….an exuberant mum+dad and 2.3 picture perfect children were on my scenic cruise to look at fur seals. The trip quickly turned into a nightmare as they spent the entire two hours green-faced and chundering into plastic bags. I had to move away because I kept giggling and its socially unacceptable to laughter out right at others’ misfortune yeah?

  3. I’ll never understand Bull Fighting, I think the FAIL is that people actually show up for that sort of thing. The bull loses, sometimes the bull fighter and dare I say it the whole audience too – they could be doing something useful instead of watching a spiteful sport.

  4. I hate to see failure too…but some of the poor kids are so cute when they try stuff! Also, the animal mishaps are funny.


  5. Years ago, I realized that the usual winners of “America’s Funniest Home Videos” usually contained someone getting hurt – most often, a guy getting hurt in a very tender spot – –

    I still ponder on why we laugh the hardest when someone gets hurt…I’d like to see a challenge for scientific studies to explain this phenomena…because while I engage in it, observe and ponder it, I still wonder

  6. It probably makes me a terrible person, and I know the people involved go through paid, but it does make my day and perk it up ten fold when I see pictures like this!! 😀

  7. thanks for giving me an awesome laugh … i had a full 30 seconds of outload laughter at the titanic mishap/bird in face. then i realized there were more, lol, and yes, it is oddly hysterical to watch kids fall and go boom, lol:)

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