Getting naked for the needy

Celebrities have a history of stripping down to their knickers for charity

If you haven’t seen it yet, the Warwick University Rowing Club’s naked calendar is something you won’t want to miss. Both the men’s and women’s team posed nude to help raise money for charity… and the web is going absolutely bonkers over it.

When are tryouts? I’d do whatever is needed to join this rowing team.

Once the pictures went viral on the internet, both teams sold out of every calendar and they are now on backorder. While this is the first year the women’s team made a naked Continue reading

Bikini Car Wash Prank!

Sometimes things are actually too good to be true

Bikini Car Wash

Uhhhh… I would buy a car just to get a car wash from them.

I’m not sure what’s dirtier… These guys’ minds or their cars. This genius prank organized by Just For Laughs had us cracking up today! Check out the video below and we’re Continue reading