Amster-dam good dares

What’s up moolta men and women! It’s Robert from moolta checking in. Hope all of you are doing as well as I am right now. Just got back from an epic trip to the capital of crazy – AMSTERDAM!

I AMsterdam

First day in the Dam city & we have to show our Gator pride (with a stop at a coffee shop along the way of course).

Obviously we couldn’t be just normal tourists, as much as I love looking at maps, bird watching, fine dining and whatever the heck else normal tourists do… we had to spice our trip up.  Naturally that meant doing dares and other awesome things.

My friend (who would rather not be named, so we’ll just call him Asshole) and I went to several bars the first night and got things started with a dare from the get-go. Asshole dared me to eat a slice of pizza in two bites and the loser of the dare would buy a round of Yager bombs for everybody sitting at the bar.  The fat-ass that I am, I accepted and found myself on the wrong side of the dare a few minutes later… 3 bites, I’m a disgrace to myself, my family and moolta. I’m sorry guys. I’m a man of my word though, so the Yager train was due for departure.

Got to tell you, although it was a lot of money for only a small shot of Yager, it was well worth the purchase just to see these amazing tip jar signs…


PLEASE, everybody tip!

And of course…

Save the Sheep

If you don’t tip they’re all going to die.

Pretty sure I emptied my pockets on the Beiber one.

Walking around the city, it was crazy how much graffiti and street art we saw. Some of it was pretty amazing and others were god awful.  We wanted to contribute our own art to the city… and we all know where that leads.  Asshole dared me to make my own graffiti, unfortunately I’m not very artistic, but I think you can say that I ‘rose’ to the occasion:

Amsterdam Graffiti

Quite a grip she has.

The next day was probably my favorite dare.  Amsterdam has several awesome parks, but one main park, Vondelpark, is the equivalent of what Central Park is to New York City.  We spent a lot of time exploring before sitting down to chill by a lake. Of course, Asshole had to dare me again -_- I was only trying to relax and get off my feet, but how could I turn down a dare? He didn’t think that I could catch one of the ducks in the pond. HA! I did it with ease.  Using the peanuts I got on the plane ride over, i kept feeding the fattest duck I could find until it was comfortable enough to waddle right up to me and pluck peanuts from my hand.

Fat Duck

It’s better trained than my dog.

Needless to say, I grabbed it a few minutes after this picture was taken to succeed at the dare!

I wish I could tell you guys more! But some of the things are a bit inappropriate… Especially what went down in the Red Light District          (   .   Y   .   )

So until next time, be safe, live life, do crazy shit, and in the words of one of my favorite darers, John F. Kennedy, “Ask yourself not what a crazy dare can do for you, ask what you can do as a crazy dare.”

25 thoughts on “Amster-dam good dares

  1. I loved Amsterdam and I could go back in a heartbeat! The Red Light District was not what I expected, but then again I wasn’t one of their targets 🙂

    • It’s a blessing and a curse… I HAVE TO CONQUER EVERY DARE! So here goes nothing:

      Fat Amsterdam duck,
      Dared to eat my salty nuts,
      So I caught yo’ ass.

      Clearly it’s been awhile since English class.

  2. The Florida flag reminded me of a trip to Italy fifteen or so years ago. I was walking up the stairs as a man in a Tennessee hat was coming down. I wanted to say it, but resisted. Moments later someone a flight or so down from me let loose a “Roll Tide!” I thank that man for saying what I did not. God bless the SEC.

  3. Used to live there. Not what it used to be, but still a great place. Last time I went was for 2 weeks 4 days after new years. Let me tell ya, Amsterdam in January is not fun. Ended up sitting in our houseboat and “smoking” a lot.

  4. Hi there! Did a trip to Amsterdam for my bday in April, quite different to yours since I went with my hubby and without the kids (YAY!!!); had brill fun, great crazy city! might do a post on it, thanks for the idea

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